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Saturday, February 05, 2005
no...I'm not going New Age...

On our Wednesday evening service, we have been working through a theology book which covers all the major doctrines of the Bible. This last couple of weeks, we've been dealing with the doctrine of angels.

Baptists rarely put much thought in angels and how they minister to both God and man. Other religious groups are often guilty of putting too much emphasis on angels (ex.: charismatics), and some go right down into idolatry by worshiping them. To be honest, I think all these groups are in the wrong (the idolaters being the worst off, of course).

Let's make this a quick poll (answer some of these, or all of these...whatever you like!):

-How could the church put a proper emphasis on angels?
-What is a proper emphasis?
-Do we have "guardian angels"?
-Are there angels in the world today (in human form)?

Please give Scripture references to your answers.