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Charismatic Tongues - Part II

Monday, January 08, 2007
theological inconsistencies are terrible things...

After realizing that everything a saint has in this life (or in the next life for that matter), anything that is of any spiritual value at all, was a GRACIOUS gift from God, I knew that my belief in charismatic tongues was in jeopardy. I was instructed by my charismatic Sunday school teacher that some Christians didn't speak in tongues or have any other kinds of charismatic gifts "because they didn't really really want it." The problem then, is that there was now an element of the faith that is in Christ Jesus that wasn't purely of grace. Actually, it smelled of Romanism: "you do this, and you'll earn that."

I remember thinking to myself: "Wait a minute... Romans 3:11 tells me that in and of myself (that is, without God's working), I never would have sought God, much less desire any spiritual gift. Ephesians 2:8-9 tells me that my very faith in God is a gift FROM GOD. I am told in Philippians 2:12-13 that it is God that gives me, not only the ability, but the desire to work out my salvation. But now, if I want a sign gift, I have to strive. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!"

As I am writing this post, millions of born-again saints have just finished worshiping God on the Lord's Day. Well over half of them have never and will never experience charismatic gifts. Many of them will be holy, upright and faithful, but get this now, because they aren't actively seeking to, or desiring these supposed gifts of the Holy Spirit, they aren't getting them. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Most charismatic preachers I have known have been carnal and biblically ignorant. They had poor conversations before both man and God; their homes were total messes; their chief affections in their lives were on cars, organized sports, and other forms of entertainment. But praise God, the Holy Spirit blessed them with supernatural sign gifts. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

I have said, and repeat that the pastor I am under right now is one of the most holy men I have ever known. His son was visiting over the Christmas holidays and he described how he would come downstairs every morning as a boy and the first thing he saw, every day, was his father kneeling in prayer. For decades now, in the two cities he has lived in since his conversion, he has never shunned to declare the whole counsel of God with his community. The time he puts into studying the Word puts me, and almost all other Christians I know, to absolute shame. But poor him, the Holy Spirit isn't "building him up" with sign gifts, "because he doesn't really want it." IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

So without a doubt, we take notice of a serious problem with charismatic tongues just by observing who is practicing them, and who isn't. Every explanation/excuse I have heard from charismatics to answer this problem always amounts to strange conjectures that have ZERO basis in Scripture; and every one of them were unquestionably opposed to biblical grace.

to be continued...