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Saturday Afternoon Notes

Saturday, December 23, 2006
Father and son, on the street...

Finally, dear readers, I have evangelism notes for you! The Lord gave us a break from the rain and freezing rain... so we went a preaching!!! And the "we" wasn't the usual pastor Tim and Rand, but rather, it was my 6-year-old son and I!

I would never consider (not for one second) taking my son on one of our usual Friday night evangelistic effort; the level of wickedness and the possibility of violence is simply too high. But on a Saturday afternoon, two days before Christmas, things were definitely calm and safe enough to show my boy, first hand, what his daddy is up to on Friday nights.

So for just under two hours, I preached the Gospel from our customary street corner, while my son offered Bible literature to people who walked by us. It was a good time. People tend to be in a much kinder, softer mood when Christmas is near, and there is no doubt that the presence of a cute 6-year-old moved the people of the market to be on their best behaviour.

A large number of people took Bible literature, I suppose most wanted to show kindness to my son. A few souls politely turned down my son's offer, which at first, vexed my poor boy's heart. So I took him aside and explained to him that he hadn't done anything wrong. I explained that most people don't want to know and/or serve the Lord and that it wasn't his responsibility to try and change that. I told him that the Christian's duty is to give the Gospel, the Lord will take it from there. My explanation seemed to have comforted my little boy, who never stopped smiling as he offered Bible tracts to one and all.

Only one woman mumbled a complaint towards us. She suggested I was somehow exploiting my son... because you know us Christians... that's why we have children... to exploit and get everything we can out of them (yes... I'm rolling my eyes now). I was actually expecting this charge. I had heard someone level this insult to a fellow street preacher when he had gone out with his 12-year-old son to do some evangelism. So it's not like I was at all shocked by this woman's harsh words. The fact of the matter is, it's not anything else but the Gospel itself that she truly hated. The Lord have mercy on her soul.

Let us pray that the Lord will use our work for his honour and glory, and I ask you, dear saints, to pray for my son. That the Lord would save his soul, and make him to become a fisher of men. What joy would fill my heart, if my son's work this afternoon were the beginning of a life devoted to serving the Living God.

"And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men." (Mark 1:17)

Have a blessed Christmas, dear readers.