Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Time Travel - Expedition # 4

Thursday, April 20, 2006
immature... and oh! so fun!!!

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The signal was going to be a Janet Jackson song (for the life of me, I can't remember which one it was). That's when I was going to spring out of the hatchback of Nick's car and give the girls the scare of their lives!

As I layed down, very still in the hatchback trunk area of the moving car, I tried to remember exactly how I was talked into doing this prank. I also asked myself why in the world we were driving these three hot cuties to a dance club we most certainly weren't going to enter (bars and dance clubs just wasn't our thing). I figured that part of it was probably due to our utter inability to get a dating life; we probably resorted to these kinds of favours just to have the company of good looking women for a short time. "We may be nerds," I thought to myself, "but we have hormones!"

And that's when the song came on. That was my cue! I very slowly rose up, gently placed my head on the seat, within centimeters of the back of their heads, and for a few seconds, I just listened to their chatter:

-"Can you believe she said that?" one of them said emphatically.

-"No, no... that's shocking!" the two others responded.

And that's when, with a cool, calm voice I said:

-"Yeah! I can't believe it either!"

It took the girls a good 4 seconds to realize that the voice was indeed coming from behind, not the front where Nick and Pat were seated (I said they were pretty, not bright... lol!). After this short delay they, all three of them, turned their heads very slowly towards me. When they saw the form of a man sitting right behind them, in the hatchback... well... first came the startled shrieks and then, when they realized it was me... punches ensued.

I got a good roughing and a few "you jerk!" tossed my way, but I laughed to the point of tears throughout the whole thing. We dropped the girls off to the dance club, and we, of course, drove back home... laughing hysterically. I remember thinking to myself that night, that undoubtedly, we had had more fun in our immaturity and our "nerdy" way of life than those girls with their lewdness, drunkenness and the foolishness that is created in these "meat markets" (aka... bars).

"Hmph..." I thought to myself, "here's to immaturity!"