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Yes... I'm still alive

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
you all miss me???

I apologize for the lack of blogging, dear readers. I have been away this past Easter weekend, visiting my wife's parents, so I have an excuse (hee hee)! It was a pretty good trip. The kids got to play with their grandparents and my wife got to catch up with some of her relatives.

We visited a Brethren Gospel Hall on the Lord's Day and we enjoyed the sermon. There was however, a weird moment, at the Lord's Table. The problem was with one of the elements. It was the bread. They distributed a loaf of bread; a loaf of leavened bread that you would find at any bakery.

So, here's my questions:

1- What is the problem with the bread?

2- Should a Christian partake of this bread for the Lord's Table?

I await your answers in the comment box. I'll let you know what I did later.