Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, February 16, 2008
a future conversion story... I hope so...

The image to the left is a place I have learned to truly loathe. It is a place that has come in quite handy at keeping us preachers from freezing to death, but I loathe it nonetheless. Those are the stairs that connect the different levels of the parking garage behind our preaching spot. In the winter time, when pastor Tim and I start to get cold, we head for these stairs and run up and down two, three, sometimes four times; this causes an increase in circulation, and before long, our bodies warm up. Now you may all be thinking: "Wow! that's a great way to handle the cold!" Well, it is... but after working a 40 hour week, believe me, the last thing I really want to be doing on Friday night is jogging up and down dirty, concrete stairs... multiple times!

It was pretty cold tonight (about -15 Celsius, or 4 Fahrenheit) , so I needed a few rounds of climbing stairs in the parking garage. As you can see from the image to the far right though, there was still plenty of people in the market for pastor Tim and I to minister to. We preached the Gospel and distributed Bible tracts for our usual three hours to a people who, for the most part, cared nothing for the cause of Christ. No doubt there were, amongst the crowds, some of God's elect in the market tonight, but sadly, they were quite invisible to us.

The exception to that came in a conversation I had with a young man named Pat. This young man has had a pretty rough life, and just recently came out of "detox". He told me he was in the market tonight to find something to help get his mind off his sorrows. He tried to get into a bar/pub, but the cover charge was too steep for his diminished funds, so he was just aimlessly walking through the market, and that's when he heard my preaching. We had a great conversation. Sin, judgment, eternity, God and the Lord Jesus Christ, I was able to touch on all the great themes of the Gospel and Pat took it all pretty well. Only having Romanism in his religious background, he had (and probably still has) at lot of messed ideas about God, but he didn't fight against the Scriptures when I communicated them to him (that's an excellent sign!).

Pat had a very obvious joy in him as we spoke of the Gospel. He literally beamed. I invited him to come to church on the Lord's Day, and he gave me the impression that he was going to come. Before leaving, Pat mentioned that he felt like the Lord was doing something in him tonight. I will be praying that this is indeed the case. Oh! that the Lord would show mercy to this dear soul.

Now, I'm really tired and weary, so I'm going to close the notes here tonight. Dear saints of God, please remember Pat in your prayers, and remember Collin also; he was working tonight, but did not come to speak with us.

Have a good weekend, and a blessed, glorious Lord's Day, dear readers.