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Update on daughter

Friday, September 17, 2004
man! I'm tired...

Well, I hadn't been through an all-nighter in a while...can't say I missed it.

Shortly after my last post, my wife and I decided to take our daughter to the emergency room at a Hospital just a couple of streets down from where we live. We got there just a little before 9pm. The sign at the front of the Triage Desk said: waiting time: 3 hours. That was a serious downer.

I was rescued from my downer when a triage nurse had mercy on my daughter, who quite evidently, was struggling for breath. After some preliminary tests, it became clear that my girl wasn't getting a fraction of the air she needed, so they sent us for x-rays. Well, that was no fun. With kids under 4 years of age, they use this contraption to hold kids in place during the x-ray, and my girl WASN'T impressed. She cried for hours (well after the x-ray experience).

The x-ray revealed a great deal of irritation in her lungs, which one of the doctors diagnosed as possible pneumonia. They then decided to put my baby on an ambulance and send her to the Children's Hospital. There, they wasted no time. The pumped some antibiotics and Ventolin into her and monitored her progress overnight.

By 5 am, her breathing had become good enough to send her back home. Which brings us to now. My wife and I are beat and dead tired, but my girl is still wide awake (a side effect of some of the medications she got was hyper-activity). So we're hoping our little pumpkin will need a nap soon, so we can get one too.

Oh! and did I mention that both my wife and I got a cold overnight (probably contracted from the many sick children at the Hospital)?