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All The Trouble...

Friday, April 20, 2007
...that comes from making things up...

Did you all hear about this: Click here.

Well, it's a good thing Romanists are around to tell us these things, 'cause I'll honestly tell you, I have no idea where they come up with their nonsense.

Limbo? Where in the world did this concept come from? I've read the Bible (cover-to-cover), and I've never come across "limbo". Not once.

"Theologians have long taught, however, that such children enjoy an eternal state of perfect natural happiness, a state commonly called limbo, but without being in communion with God."

Which theologians, and what were they smoking? "Perfect natural happiness... without God???" What is going on here?

This wickedness, of course, is symptomatic of a complete ignorance, and by extension, interest in the Word of God, the Bible. A man who keeps his nose in the Bible never comes to believe in "limbo", "purgatory" or "infant baptism" for that matter!

"Ladaria said no one could know for certain what becomes of unbaptized babies since Scripture is largely silent on the matter."

Well, duh! Of course the Scripture is silent on the matter of "unbaptized babies"! Babies weren't baptized! Nowhere will you read of John, or any of the other apostles baptizing babies! Nowhere!

What? Acts 16:15, you say? Acts 16:33? Acts 18:8? Are these your proof texts, evil Romanists? Read the Word of God and believe what it says, o foolish idolaters. Don't assume, or practice eisegesis just to fit your wicked ideas.

Parting shot:

I have had several Romanists come to my site. All of them claiming that Romanism is the "Lord's Church" (note the capitals). I was told that the pope, is nothing less than the "holy father", God's head representative in the world. You would think that with such credentials, Romanism would be a bit more consistent in their doctrines and practices.

Is the God not immutable? If He is, then how is it that less than 800 years ago, "God" approved the burning of heretics like Rand, and now, Rand is just "errant brother"? How is it that a pope once proclaimed complete separation from those "filthy Jews", and now, catholics believe that unbelieving Jews are saved? How is it that there was a "limbo"... and now... well not so sure about the whole "limbo" thing. Am I to believe that God changes as much as the popes have over the centuries?

Is it not time, o foolish papists, to repent and come to the knowledge of the Truth? It's a whole lot easier than making things up as you are going along...