Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Thursday Night Notes

Thursday, April 05, 2007
the audience isn't much better on Thursdays...

With the day off work tomorrow (Good Friday), I decided to go out preaching tonight. All by my little lonesome, I went downtown with my John 3:36 sign and did my best to proclaim and hand out God's Word for two or three hours. There were far more people downtown tonight than I would have thought (it wasn't Friday, and the temperature dipped down below 0 Celsius tonight).

The response to my evangelistic effort was more of the same: mockery, hatred, and concern for my mental health. Oh well... God was glorified.

On the upside, I gave out lots of Bible literature tonight and I had a few one-on-one conversations in which I was able to share the Gospel in great detail. I pray that the Lord will use my efforts tonight to save and sanctify, as He sees fit.

Tonight's highlights:

-I had a conversation with a young lady who claimed she believed the Bible was the Word of God... but she didn't really believe in God. My reaction: "What?"

-I came across one of the drunks who lives in the downtown streets. I recognized him from last week, when he quoted Romans 6:23 by heart and then asked me to leave him alone "'cause everyone knows that stuff". Well, tonight, I made sure to tell him that God wanted us to not just be hearers of the Word, but doers. The drunk knew what I was getting at, and just mumbled: "yeah... yeah... I know that..."

-A man disturbed my preaching to tell me that I wasn't proclaiming the Gospel well. He professed to being a Christian, and then explained that I was a poor salesmen with the Gospel. I told him I had no intention of selling anything, and that quite on the contrary, I preached knowing full well that most of my hearers would detest what I had to say. This perplexed the man and made it clear he disagreed with my methods. It was a strange exchange. He pointed out what he didn't like about my preaching... I gave him a Scriptural reason for what I was doing... and he answered with a "well... I disagree!" In the end, I don't think this man was a brother-in-the-Lord.

-On my way back home from the marketplace, I walked by a line of young people who trying to get into a dance club. A man in the line-up began cursing and blaspheming loudly against me when he read my Gospel sign. "I don't believe that #%#@!" he said. I replied that he would one day. Right behind him was a young lady who said: "Well... I believe that." To her I responded: "Miss, if you truly believed these words, you wouldn't be lining up here."

That's the notes for tonight. I'm going to bed. Have a blessed long weekend, dear readers. Have a good, God-centered Easter. Take quality time meditating on the greatest works the Lord has ever wrought: the work of the Cross, and the glorious Resurrection!