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Friday Night Notes

Saturday, February 05, 2011
Heaven is here???

It's been a very difficult (and sometimes, frustrating) week, so I was really steeling myself for a nasty night of evangelism. When I got to Pastor Tim's house, more bad news: the good preacher wiped out at an ice rink this week and hurt his ribs. I was therefore going out preaching by myself. We prayed for a few minutes, asking the Lord to help me and guide me, and I am pleased to report that that prayer was answered affirmatively.

All and all, it was a pretty smooth night of evangelism with little by way of opposition, mockery and persecution. Other than a deranged young man who claimed Heaven was on presently on Earth, those who weren't interested in the Gospel left me well alone. That was a refreshing change!

The young man definitely had problems... if you know what I mean. He frequently pointed out cliches and slogans which he had written on a binder and claimed that he had made all these wonderful things happen and that's why Heaven was now on Earth. For example, one of his slogans: "Drug Free, You're Free!" Now that he had written it, and claimed it for himself, he was going to usher in a heavenly state. Done deal! Oh dear... I kept my answers to the man short and sweet, all the while praying that the Lord would deliver me from this unstable soul who on two different occasions, tried to take my Bible sign away. After about 10 minutes, the young man grew tired of me, and walked away. Praise God.

I spent a good hour at the entrance of a downtown mall, Bible sign in hand and handing out Bible tracts. Hundreds if not thousands of souls read my Romans 6:23 sign and a few stopped by to take a tract. The Lord use His Word to save, or to harden, as He sees fit.

I spoke to a drug addict about the Bible power to change lives. I told him that the Lord, through the Scriptures, has and does save men and women from all manner of sin. The poor soul didn't buy it. He claimed that all religions were the ultimately the same and that God was "a force" rather than a person. He also confessed that he loved drugs and had no desire whatsoever to give it up. The Lord be merciful unto him...

That's all I have for tonight. Like I already mentioned, it's been quite a week. I'm going to get some rest now. Remember Pastor Tim and I in your prayers, dear saints.

Also, remember Larry Hu (an occasional commenter on this blog) this weekend. He will be doing some evangelism in the general vicinity of the Super Bowl this weekend, if I understood his e-mail correctly. That's quite the ministry!

God bless you all!



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  • At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Larry Hu said…

    Dearest Brother Rand & faithful saints, I deeply thank God for your prayers!
    The Lord answered faithfully with favor from God & man as we were enabled to Proclaim Truth outside Super Bowl 2011.

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