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The Sad Legacies of Compromisers

Saturday, July 23, 2011
the error of Jehoshaphat...

Interesting article on FoxNews.com:

Campus Ministry Drops 'Christ' From Name

I especially love these statements:

"We felt like our name was getting in the way of accomplishing our mission." (Wow!)

"Sellers said researchers found that 9 percent of Christians and 20 percent of non-Christians were alienated by the name Campus Crusade for Christ." (I laughed out loud when I read that one... 80% of Christians and 99.9% of non-Christians despise our evangelism)

"We were not trying to eliminate the word Christ from our name." (Thing is, you TOTALLY did!)

Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, was a compromiser who did away with any form of Biblical Separation, and eventually yoked himself and his ministry with Rome. It is fitting that his ministry, built on shaky foundation, is slowly crumbling, spiritually.

Wonder how long before Cru gets its first homosexual teacher/leader, or how long before it recognizes salvation through other names, not solely the Lord Jesus Christ.

Stay tuned.


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