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Rome's salvation

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
humourous, and so true...

The pastor of our sending church has had this excerpt of a Dr. C.D. Cole sermon printed in his city's newspaper. Considering that the city is a Romanist stronghold, I was really surprised it was actually printed. Enjoy:

"The basic and fatal error of Romanism is the denial of the sufficiency of Christ as Saviour. It denies the efficacy of His sacrifice on the cross. Romanism has a Christ, but He is not sufficient as a Saviour. What He did at Calvary must be repeated (in the mass) and supplemented (through works of penance), and this makes priestcraft and sacramentarianism necessary. Romanism is a complicated system of salvation by works. It has salvation to sell, but not in Isaiah's terms - without money and without price (Isaiah 55:1). It offers salvation on the installment plan, and then sees to it that the poor sinner is always behind in his payments, so that when he dies there is a large balance unpaid, and he must continue payments by suffering purgatory, or until the debt is paid by prayers, alms and suffering of his living relatives and friends. The whole system and plan calls for merit and money, from the cradle to the grave, and even beyond. Surely the wisdom that drew such a plan of salvation is not from above, but is earthly and sensual."

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