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Thursday, February 08, 2007
a few online gems...

1- Of Like Precious Faith and Practice:

My brother-in-the-Lord, Marcel, started a blog a few weeks ago, and while I have been meaning to link him for a long time now, I'm only now getting my act together.

Brother Marcel and I are members of the same local church, though roughly 500 kilometers separates us. He is currently labouring in Quebec City, trying to establish a French-speaking fundamental Baptist church. Like pastor Tim in my city, Marcel holds meetings in his home where a few souls meet for worship and he is a faithful street evangelist.

If you like this blog, you'll love brother Marcel's "The Beauty of Holiness". If you can read French, you could check out the mirror site "Magnifique en Sainteté".

2- Good Christian Blogs:

These are blogs that I go and check out from time to time, and I have profit in reading. Some are close to me in doctrine and practice, others are a little further. Nonetheless, I have been blessed by visiting these blogs and I hope you will be as well...

-About a year ago now, a brother-in-the-Lord named Daniel J. Phillips contacted me by e-mail. He was blessed by a post I had written on Calvinism and Dispensationalism, for like me, he's a Calvinist and a Dispensationalist. Since then, I have on occasion dropped by his blog to see what he was up to and, well, I like him. LOL. So go check out "Biblical Christianity".

-Over that last few months, I have been coming across links to this website quite often: "M in the Gap". Wondering who was "Mr. Popular", I've been keeping an eye. "M in the Gap" is a Bob Jones University graduate and a Baptist fundamentalist. I don't think he's a Calvinist, but he does have Ann, who is a Calvinist, contribute posts on his website. His posts (and the posts of his contributors) are usually quite good and thought provoking.

I'm going to leave it at that for now. I've got my eye on a couple of other sites that I'm thinking of adding to my links, but I'll give myself more "examination time".

What can I say... I'm pick-y!!!