Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, November 24, 2007
winter preaching is here...

First off, before I give you the notes tonight, I want to say a big "praise God" for my humble little blog. When I look back on my years of street evangelism, I can clearly see how "therapeutic" my time in front of the computer after a night of evangelism was and is. I used to come back from our Friday endeavours totally frazzled by the hatred hurled at me, depressed at the hardness of the people's hearts, and then I would lay down in bed, trying to fall asleep, but with all these emotions and thoughts keeping me wide awake.

Now, I come home, turn on the computer, and with classical music playing in the background, I deal with the night of evangelism I just went through. By the time I'm done, I have worked through some of the emotions running through me just by trying to explain to you all, dear readers, what I've done and how I feel. It also, usually, takes me a lot of time to put these posts together, so by the time I'm done writing, I'm literally falling asleep; so no more sleepless nights. Again, praise God.

Tonight, all and all, was a good night. It was cold (I wore all my winter gear for the first time this year), we were mocked, and for the most part, the people in the marketplace were quite indifferent to the Gospel. That said, we had some good conversations with a few kinder souls. I got a chance to witness to three Muslims in once instance and a few moments later, to a Jew who probably had a bit too much to drink. I didn't get too far with the Jewish gentleman, but my conversation with the Muslims went rather well. They took one of my Bible tracts and while I don't believe they were seriously considering the Gospel, they did listen and asked some pretty good and fair questions. The Lord use our exchange as He sees fit.

I also spoke with Collin again, the parking garage attendant. He still has an interest in the Faith, but definitely not converted. I tried (yet again) to impress on him that the only way he would ever have a successful Christian experience, is by loving God. Not loving God plus his car, or loving God plus anything else in this life, but loving God supremely. I hope Collin will consider these words carefully, and I will continue to pray for him. He said he would try to be at church this Lord's Day.

Oh! remember this:

"I had a chance to speak to a young lady named Amélie, who professed faith in Christ and was looking for a good church to go to on the Lord's Day. She was really impressed by our zeal to evangelize, so she was quite keen to find out where I attended church. I invited her to our Lord's Day meeting, and she said she'd surely come by. Praise God!"

Well, Amélie did show up at our church service that Lord's Day and has been coming to most of our services since. She even showed up tonight to help us with our evangelism! The poor woman didn't last too long though, she simply didn't have warm enough winter gear. However, it must be noted that in less than an hour, Amélie distributed more Bible tracts than pastor Tim and I did in our three hours of street preaching.

"You know what it is," pastor Tim began, "it's that she is such a beautiful young woman... the guys are practically running to take a tract from her."

"So, if we aren't passing out many tracts then, what does that say about our looks?" I replied, tongue firmly in cheek.

Finally, both pastor Tim and I shared the Gospel with an older gentlemen who I believe was and is seeking the Lord. He told us that he had started to read the Bible but was having a bit of trouble understanding it all. He also told us that he had been listening to Charles Stanley's radio program and was learning some things through that ministry. We encouraged him to come to church on the Lord's Day, and most of all, to continue studying the Bible. I hope and pray he will come by this Lord's Day.

Well, my classical music selection is almost done, and I'm pretty tired; so that's the notes for tonight. I thank all of you, dear readers, who continue to keep up with my escapades... especially you brothers and sisters-in-the Lord who pray for us every Friday.

Have a blessed weekend, and a restful Lord's Day,