Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, July 25, 2009
two wet turkeys...

It rained heavily this evening, so I went home after work thinking that our customary night of evangelism was canceled. After a couple of hours though, the skies seemed to clear up, so pastor Tim and I decided to put in a couple of hours of street preaching.

We made it to our preaching spot a good hour and a half late, so we wasted no time, offering Bible tracts and preaching repentance and faith in Christ Jesus. There was a steady flow of people walking the streets of the market despite the treat of rain; in about an hour, pastor Tim and I had preached to hundreds.

My first one-on-one conversation was with a lesbian who seemed somewhat annoyed with my preaching...

"What are you doin'?" she asked sarcastically.

"I'm preaching the Gospel of Jesus, miss," I replied.

She asked me a series of questions, no doubt trying to find some kind of fault in me, but my answers gave her no satisfaction. She then decided to "reason with me", suggesting that my time would be better spent hanging out in coffee shops, offering company and support to the lonely and broken-hearted. She said that that was what God would want me to do. Oh dear...

I thank the Lord for sending brother Alex, a fellow street evangelist, to save me from the lesbian's views of God. The moment Alex and I started talking about what the Lord had been doing in our lives, the wicked woman just walked away. It was good to encourage my brother-in-the-Lord and to be encouraged.

Moments later, I met up with one of my workmates. We talked for awhile about our workplace (we didn't speak to much of the Faith, the man knows what I'm about), and that's when a man walked up to us...

"I'm god," the man said.

"Well, I'm sure disappointed," I replied.

I've used that joke dozens of times before, and I've usually got laughs from everyone. I was sure the same was going to happen here. Thing is, the joke is only funny to those who mockingly claim to be 'god'. To someone who actually believes he is 'god', it's not funny at all. Yes, I had just insulted a very, very disturbed man. For five long minutes (and they felt like hours) I had to listen to the rantings and ravings of a complete lunatic who really believed himself to be god. If I hadn't said a word to the man, he probably would have continued walking. As the man continued his diatribe, I remembered the words of my wife: "honey, sometimes less is more."

Shortly after this unfortunate encounter, the rain started up again. A few drops here and there and within minutes, a deluge! Pastor Tim and I stood in the entrance of a nearby parking garage, waiting, hoping the rain would stop. We stood there with our Bible signs for 30 minutes, and by then the weather calmed down to a light rain. We preached for another half hour and then decided to head home before the rain picked up again.

As we prepared to make our way home, three young ladies walked by us. They were dressed very, very immodestly and I heard one of them say:

"I feel like a hooker, my skirt is too high, my top is too low... I'm wearing high heels..."

"Brilliant," I thought. "Absolutely brilliant."

That's it for tonight, dear readers. We only spent two hours in the market, but we presented to Gospel to 100% more people than if we hadn't gone at all. The Lord use our efforts as He sees fit.

Have a blessed weekend, dear readers.