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Fall 2009 - Camping Trip

Thursday, September 24, 2009
I know... took me awhile...

As promised, dear readers, here are a few pictures I took when my kids and I went to camp last week:

A close-up of an osprey (Water-Eagle)

Flying osprey with a fish in its talons (I love this shot!)

A dragonfly

A black water-snake

A young deer

A porcupine

A hummingbird

A turkey-vulture

A chipmunk enjoying a crab-apple

A ruffed-grouse (I think...)

A painted turtle

A map turtle

Can anyone identify this bird?

A muskrat

Great blue heron

A very strange looking caterpillar...

A hermit-thrush

I want to thank my good friend Frank, who kindly shared his super 70-300mm lens. It would have been impossible to get these shots without it.

Can you tell I've fallen in love with photography?