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Friday Night Notes

Saturday, August 07, 2010
be a short one... my bed is calling...

It was, without a doubt, a quiet and easy-going night of street preaching. I was by myself again since pastor Tim was away, visiting family. I manned our preaching spot for about two hours, and then walked around downtown, offering Bible tracts. After a busy week at work, tonight's two and a half hour endeavour really tired me out.

Gross ungodliness was everywhere. From the man who decided to relieve himself on the front lawn of a downtown apartment complex, to the steady flow of cussing by the marketplace revelers, to the scantily-clad women who looked on me with discuss as I preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was all pretty ugly. All that said, no one really gave me too much trouble. A bit of mockery here and there, but nothing too grievous. For the most part, I was able to preach the Gospel unhindered, and for that, I thank the Lord my God.

The one-on-one conversations were short tonight. A few words here and there with some Christians (for example, a Pentecostal woman said she would pray for me), a Romanist quickly told me that "he was good to go" since he was raised 'Catholic' (oh dear...), and I had a few words with a work colleague of mine... now that was fun. At first, the man didn't recognize me, so when I offered him a Bible tract, he looked on me with disgust. It was funny to see his countenance change when he recognized me.

It will be interesting to see if this surprise meeting will positively or negatively affect our working relationship in the future.

I'm afraid that's all I got for tonight. I absolutely exhausted and it's going past 1am. Please continue to pray for me, dear saints. Life just seems to be getting busier and busier!

Have a blessed weekend, especially the Lord's Day,



12:57 AM
  • At 5:57 AM, Anonymous LarryHu said…

    Brother, the Lord let me pray for you last evening! As He is the Answer, yea & Amen.
    It seems that while I was in revival-meeting; safely swimming inside the fish bowl (church house), you were privileged to be swimming with the sharks, rescuing the perishing with the only Word of Life. God be praised! {A drowning man will fight you all the way to safety.}
    Looking forward to another gospel Notes from Christ in you. Through you He is changing lives, at least mine.

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