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Hey! Where did Hollywood go?

Friday, November 05, 2004
just wondering...

Has anyone noticed that prior to President Bush's election win, all major news outlet were showing Hollywood stars campaigning for John Kerry? People like Cameron Diaz, Julianna Margulies, Bruce Springsteen, all claiming they would help push "their man" over the top.

My question is: now that the election is over, where did these people go?

I mean, the news media was more than happy to cover every single word the "stars" had to say about the election before November 2nd. Why aren't they equally eager to get a reaction to the election from them?

Is the news media protecting Hollywood "stars" from embarrassment? Did they all move to Canada (remind me to check who moved into the house down my street...LOL)?

Seriously, where are they?

(it's not like I really miss them, I would just like to hear their excuses...for a good laugh!)