Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, December 11, 2004
like preaching in a ghost town...

Well tonight's street preaching was a first! We actually went out preaching in the middle of a blizzard!!!

The weather kept alot of people away from the downtown area so things were pretty quiet tonight. We passed out a little literature, carried the gospel signs around a bit, and preached from our usual corner...God was glorified. One funny moment: a man came out of a bar to smoke a cigarette and caught a glimpse of my gospel sign.

"What does your sign say?", he inquired.

So I let him read Romans 6:23. He replied:

"Well, I'm an atheist, so there!"

And with lightning speed, I replied:

"Well sir, you just keep drinking the way you do, and smoking those cigarettes, and soon enough, you'll no longer be an atheist!"

The man just snickered and I was on my way.

On my way back home, I took a few minutes to just observe the snowfall. It was quite a sight. God does all things well, and beautiful.