Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)


Saturday, December 04, 2004
don't laugh Sue...

I'm finally getting back to health, so time for to put out that post I've had on my mind since the end of last month.

November has always been a month of reflection for me, well, at least, since my University days. If you read part 2 of my testimony, you will find that I did not have a very pleasant softmore year at University; and all those problems peaked on a November. I have used every subsequent November to ponder on what exactly happened to me on that terrible year, and, to evaluate how well I have been doing since.

Well, this November has been an interesting one for me. Firstly, the "terrible University year" hardly made it to my thinking this year. I mean some of the events of that year use to awaken in me some pretty intense emotions (even years later), but this year, I had to make an effort to remember the things that went on. I'm even finding it hard to remember how some of my old "friends" looked like. That year filled me with so much anger, I'm kind of relieved that roughly 10 years later, it's all fading away.

Secondly, I met an ex-girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. I went out with this young lady for a very short period of time just prior to going out with Twinklemoose. I met her at a shopping mall and we had a nice conversation. She hadn't changed much and there is no doubt in my mind that after our conversation, she, like me, breathed the sigh of relief that we didn't waste our time with a long romantic relationship.

Thirdly, I was invited to the 50th Birthday celebration of my former employer. This man had hired me right out of school and had showed me much favour, so it was a real pleasure for me to attend this birthday party. I got to see some former colleagues and we all enjoyed reminiscing on our time together.

These 3 events made me realize something: so far, I've had quite a fun ride through life!!! Oh the lows were LOW, but the highs were amazing! And all the people from my past, those who have brought me pain as well as those who have brought me happiness, were all like actors in my life movie.

To this day, I have had a great life, so let me take a little bit more space to thank some of the actors who have enriched my life, and who have contributed to the tapestry of my life:

Childhood: Martin-Mark-Stephane-Gaby (will you even know how powerful of an influence you had on my childhood?)-Andrea-Chantale.

Adolescence: Patrick-Steven-Daniel-Nicholas (thanks for all the good times my friend...for a time, we really were brothers)-Paul (thanks for taking a chance on me)-Annie-Eric H.

Adulthood: Ginny (it was all my mistake, and I am sorry)-Mike-Sebastien-Steve-Eric B.-Shane, Rob, Hugh, Kevin (the Lord used you guys mightily in my life, thank you)-Matthew-Twinklemoose (my leading lady, the movie would be a pretty poor without you)-Tim-Peter.