Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)


Monday, November 07, 2005
a whole lot of mileage!!!

We just got back from my in-laws, where we celebrated my eldest son's 5th birthday. The kids had a blast and my wife got to spend some time with her family, so it was a good weekend.

Just prior to my weekend get-away with my family, I was in Boston, Massachusetts for a training course. It was my job to get a closer look at an instrument my boss is considering for our lab. The instrument performed well, so my report will be favorable.

While in Boston, it most certainly wasn't "all-work-and-no-play"!!! No, no. As I mentioned to you in my last post, I went out and had coffee with Michael Gallaugher of Christian Conservative. Just by reading his blog, I became a real fan of Michael, so I have to admit I was afraid of being disappointed by the "real" man. Well, I'm glad to report that Michael didn't disappoint! We both shared our testimonies and talked about life, the galaxy and everything, over a cup of coffee and tea. It was a great, albeit far too short, time.

Anyway, before saying goodbye, I did get this little video clip of Michael and I shaking hands, complete with a famous "Don Cherry thumbs-up" at the end (LOL).

That's it for now, got to get some sleep... it's back to work tomorrow.