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Speaking of Spiritually Dead Denominations

Thursday, June 15, 2006
Southern Baptist Convention??? Dead...

Another article which caught my attention; and just like my last post, it shows the deadness of yet another "Christian" denomination (note the quotation marks).

Two things can be concluded from the article in question:

1- The label "evangelical" really doesn't mean anything anymore. I mean, we have Romanists, Mormons, and all manner of heretic using the term "evangelical". Evangelicalism is also becoming synonymous with ecumenism, as the article points out in the phrase:

"...growing understanding between people of different faiths."

2- The Southern Baptist Convention probably has Christians in it's membership, but it most certainly is no longer a Christian denomination. Consider:

"Clinton, a Southern Baptist, noted that there was once a resolution at his denomination's convention to expel his church because of his positions in favor of abortion rights and gay rights. It failed."

President Clinton's Southern Baptist church would not put him out of membership despite his wicked social positions; positions which are clearly anti-Christian. And then, the Southern Baptist Convention, when faced with this abominable assembly, failed at putting the wicked group out of the Convention.

To paraphrase Dr. Leonard McCoy of Star Trek:

"It's dead, Jim."