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Everyone Hates Israel

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
well... almost everyone...

Watching the news lately has become double the aggravation it usually is. The liberal newscasts have always managed to irk me in their reporting, but it's their coverage of the current crisis between Israel and Hezbollah (not Lebanon... Hezbollah) that really takes the cake.


On every newscast there is a 5 second blurb about Hezbollah rocket attacks being fired from Lebanese border towns and then we get 15 minutes of how brutal and disproportionate the Israeli response has been. How brutal the Israeli army is being towards those poor, innocent Lebanese peasants. How vile and war-mongering Israel is.


1- Who started this whole mess?
2- Who had terrorists on their soil, launching unprovoked attacks on their neighbour?
3- Who has made efforts to clear out civilians from war zones?
4- Who has made efforts to hit civilians?
5- Which country in the world would put up with the nonsense Israel has for so long, without doing something about it?

You ask yourselves these questions, and answer them truthfully. You will find yourself becoming more and more a supporter of Israel.

For those of you who need a picture drawn for you, take a look at this post by my friends over at Fine Dry Wit.