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Friday, March 02, 2012
it's been a difficult week...

As many of you who follow this blog already know, my wife has been seriously ill. While her condition has stabilized over the last 12 hours, she is a long way from being declared healthy. I appreciate and am truly touched by the number of calls I received offering help and prayer, and do ask that prayers continue to be made for a complete recovery, and that, as soon as possible!

It's been a terrible week. My own health has been rather poor the last couple of weeks, and the scare I got yesterday... well... suffice it to say that I'm having a real hard time sleeping for fear, or should I say, the terror of a repeat of what happened yesterday. I have never seen my wife suffer so terribly; even her most difficult childbirth was no where near the level of pain she had to endure for hours early last night. Yes, without exaggeration, it was that bad.

I don't post personal details about myself or my family online, so if anyone reading this want details, feel free to e-mail me, I'll try to answer in short order.

It goes without saying that there will be no Friday Night Notes tonight, and I would request from my brothers and sisters-in-the-Lord, yet again, for prayers to be made for us. I want to thank Pastor Tim who supported me (almost literally) at the hospital, to his wife who watched the children, sleeping over on our couch. I am also extremely thankful to my parents who took my boys over to their house for the weekend, giving my wife and I a chance to rest.

If there are any significant developments, I will be sure to send word around.

God bless you, dear readers.



8:48 PM
  • At 7:27 PM, Anonymous LarryHu said…

    Praying with you brother. Pleading the blood of the Lamb for mercies & healing. For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind...

  • At 10:22 PM, Blogger pregador27 said…

    Hey brother, I am praying for both of you! I had no idea. I did not realize TM was sick. I am emailing you in a moment. God bless you both!

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