Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, August 03, 2013
I know what I was saved from...

The street preachers were back in the market tonight!  Pastor Tim and I were both back at it after a busy month of July, which unfortunately, saw a drop in open-air evangelism.  We tried to make up for lost time by presenting the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for a good three and a half hours; it was passed midnight when I made it back home.

The market was busy enough, but I think the threat of rain scared a lot of people away.  It eventually did rain a little, but not for long and it was by no means a hard rain.  Despite the unpredictable weather, we presented the Gospel to hundreds of lost sinners through open-air preaching, tract distribution and the Bible signs we carried around with us.

We didn't have a great deal of one-on-one conversations tonight.  Pastor Tim had a few, I only had one... and it wasn't very profitable.  Pastor Tim on a couple of occasions spoke with Christians who were walking through the market, and I got a few words of encouragement from believers.  Other than those times of refreshing, we were mocked and scorned.  One wicked woman really gave Pastor Tim and hard time with a terribly vulgar diatribe.  The good preacher just continued on with the work of the Gospel and let the wicked soul tire of her tantrum; just a couple of minutes and she was gone.  Praise God.

Our Bible signs were knocked down a couple of times, no damage was done to them.  It's remarkable to me just how much the people of my city hate the Word of God.  Our John 3:16 sign isn't spared!  They really are trying to "...not retain God in their knowledge..." (Romans 1:28), and that, has consequences on the spiritual welfare of my city.  The Lord be merciful!

After all that Gospel work, I made my way home by bus where I ran into a brother-in-the-Lord.  It was good to speak of the Lord in that bus.  No doubt a lot of people heard our conversation and that in itself was a witness.  The Lord use it as He sees fit.

With that, it's really, really late, so I'm turning in.  It was a nine hour work day, with a three and a half hour street preaching effort.  I'm beat!

Have a blessed weekend, dear saints.