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Rand's Top Ten Bible Characters He Just Can't Stand!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I really have a problem with these folks...

Surely all you who have read the Bible, cover-to-cover, have come across a character (man or woman) that you just couldn't stand. Well, I have put together for you my "top ten":

# 10 - Saul: He could have been a champion, but he turned out to be ONE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! After being anointed as Israel's first king, Saul quickly ceased to follow the Lord making him a "class A" fool. Terrible judgement, pride, witchcraft and general disobedience are all qualifiers that best describe Saul. (1 Samuel 10 to 31)

# 9 - Lot: This man is the only saved man in my list. Yep, I'm going to spend eternity with this man in Heaven, but you wouldn't have caught me anywhere near this dude a few thousand years ago. For choosing to live in an EXCEEDING WICKED city (Sodom), for offering a mob of Sodomites his two virgin daughters so that they "may do to them as they wish", and for twice getting so plastered that his two daughters were able to "lie with their father" while he lay uncouncious... well... brother Lot, you've earned position 9! (Genesis 13, 14, 19)

# 8 - Delilah: Ah! the seducing temptress! For conspiring to kill off her husband for eleven hundred pieces of silver, for nagging and nagging poor love-sick Samson daily to find out the source of his strength, and for finally, prevailing against him, position # 8 is well deserved. (Judges 16)

# 7 - Herod Antipas: The spineless, characterless despot. For his incestious relationship with Herodias (his niece and half-brother's wife... how sick is that???), his lusting over Herodias' daughter (again, how sick is that???), for ordering the execution of John the Baptist, and finally, for his mocking abuse of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Antipas earns position # 7. (Matthew 14, Luke 23)

# 6 - Herodias: Yep, I put Herodias one notch higher than Herod Antipas, because some of the nonsense Herod did was orchestrated by this wicked witch. For her multiple incestious relationships, her hatred of John the Baptist, her conspiracy in which she used her own daughter to have John the Baptist killed, position # 6 is all hers! (Matthew 14)

# 5 - Herod the Great: Actually, make that Herod the small. So mad for power, so fearful he would lose his kingdom, this "Great" despot ordered the murder of young children/infants in Bethlehem in order to eliminate the promised Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. For the mass murder of innocent children, position # 5 is Herod's. (Matthew 2)

# 4 - Jezebel: The third and last woman in my "top ten", and she definitely deserves the top female spot. For her devotion to the false god Baal, her murder and theft of Naboth's vineyard, her murder of many of the Lord's prophets, and her threats against Elijah, idolatrous Jezebel earns position # 4. (1 Kings 16:31 and 2 Kings 9:37)

# 3 - Ahaz: One seriously wicked king. For his worship of Baal and other abominable false gods, for burning his OWN CHILDREN to the false god Moloch, for his foolish and costly wars (in human lives), his shutting down the temple of God and his building of altars to the gods of Damascus throughout all of Judah, king Ahaz is definitely a top 3 most despicable people in my books. (2 Kings 16)

# 2 - the Levite in Judges 19: A cold and characterless man. Okay, so I can understand that the Levite was faced with being sodomized by a mob of perverted men, and that probably freaked him out... but come on! Turning over his concubine to be sexually abused all night long in his stead!!! And then check out v.27. It says that in the morning, HE AROSE! While his woman was being brutalized, HE WAS SLEEPING. Talk about sick. And then, check v. 28. Does the Levite help his concubine up? Does he tend to her injuries? Does he even check if she is still alive (which, she was not)? Nope, he just says: "get up and let us be going." Now to be fair, he did protest what had happened and the tribe of Benjamin payed a heavy price for the actions of the Benjamite perverts, but all and all, position # 2 for this Levite is well deserved. (Judges 19)

# 1 - Judas: The betrayer himself. For being a hypocrite, a thief and of course, for betraying "innocent blood", Judas had to figure in the top 3. This man was COMPLETELY without excuse; he had spent 3 years with the Lord of glory, watching every awesome miracle, hearing every glorious teaching. And what does he choose to do in the end? He conspires with the Lord's enemies, and for a total sum of 30 pieces of silver, betrays the Lord Jesus into the chief priests' hands. This man is definitely the most CURSED man who has ever walked our planet. (Matthew 26)

So that's my "top ten". You agree? You disagree? You think I forgot someone? You think I was unfair to someone in my "top ten"?

Let's hear it in my comment box. But here is the rule: you can't just throw a name in the mix, it has to remain a "top TEN". So if you want to add someone to the list, you'll have to say who you would remove from my "top ten".

This should be fun,