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Terrible News

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
absolutely heartbroken...

Some of you may remember me posting, last May, about our missionary and brother in the Lord, Yangmi. This post was followed up by this this update, this one, and finally, what I believed was the resolution.

A summary: our missionary, Yangmi, currently in Manipur, India, became the proud father of a lovely baby boy. Problem is, the child was born with a serious heart condition which needed an operation; the operation cost 5,000$ to 10,000$ US. Yangmi could work at the sweat of his brow for three lifetimes and never come close to earning that kind of money, so we (our church and other concerned Saints in North America) went to work. In a few weeks, the money was raised (my pastor absorbed much of the cost through his own savings) and sent.

At this point, the child was critically ill, so not one moment was wasted and the operation went ahead. The operation had appeared to be successful. The child gained strength, and after 1-2 weeks in the hospitals care, Yangmi, his wife and his baby boy returned home. It was our little miracle and we were all so happy.

Then... just last night... I received this e-mail from Yangmi's brother (please excuse the poor English, it is probably his third or fourth language):

Dear Brother Tim,

It's a sad news for all of you from Pastor Yangmi family from back home. It's really very sad to inform you about the untimely dead of my brother Yangmi son(Mayoshang) who has brought back to Imphal a couple of months back after heart operation in Bangalore.

At around 1:pm on 4th of September 2005, the baby (Mayoshang) started feeling sick, it's all started very sudden, within an hour the baby died. It's confirm that the baby died because of heart stroke. Nobody expected that thing will happen like this. It's too much sudden for everyone to believed.

It's just like a dream.

I cannot imagine the suffered that my brother (Yangmi) and Philawon(Sister-in-law) must be having at this moment. Since this is the second time trouble that happened to my brother familys, we cannot control to keep silent. Our familys/relative and friends are all stand beside him, praying very hard for my brother and Philawon to able to overcome from all this hardship life.

I really don't understand why God has taken back the little baby at this time, it's too early. What God really wanted from us? It's raise lots of question. But we really believed that God has a better plan for Brother Yangmi and his wife in a days to come. We learn lots of lesson when this kind of trouble happened to family. It's a challenged to all us to strengthen our faith to God and live much closer to him.

I request all of you to remember for our families, especially for my brother and sister in law. Sometime we feel ashamed of asking too much request to all of you whenever we have problem over here. But what to do, we are helpless without your prayer support.

Hope that Yangmi and Philawon will surely call you sometime laters, right now I think they are not in good health, and also may be too sad to talk with everyone. They need complete rest for fews day with my parents at home.

Please inform to all the members and friends of Yangmi and Philawon. I will write you soon. Please keep in touch always. Thanking you all.


I don't have to tell you that we are all pretty heartbroken here, but our thoughts and prayers are with Yangmi and his wife, who most definitely are the souls who are suffering the most over this tragedy.

God sure is hard to figure out sometimes, but in the end, what else can we say other than what father Abraham said:

"Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?" (Genesis 18:25b)

Dear saints of God, please remember your brother in Christ, Yangmi, through this ordeal, that the Lord would both comfort him and strengthen him for life and for ministry.