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Babies Who Die (Part IV)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
logic... logic... logic...

To conclude my small series on the fate of infants who die, I will set forth a couple of arguments that totally based on sound reasoning and logic. In part III, we had considered what the Scriptures had to say on the matter, and I believe that these Scriptures point quite clearly to the salvation of all infants who die.

Please note: I am NOT putting human reasoning or logic above Scripture. All our thinking and figuring must be based and directed by the infallible Word of God; and make no mistake, WE ARE TO THINK AND FIGURE! God gave us a brain... we are to use it!

Argument # 1:

No one is born an atheist. Most atheists even concede this point. It takes time and conditioning for a person to come to the point where he/she truly believes that there is no "god". We are told in Scripture that God is revealed to everyone of us through Creation and that His laws are written in our hearts (Romans 1:19-20; 2:14). The knowledge of the existence of God and even some His attributes are definitely innate.

My point?

Close your eyes. Imagine a baby. A baby you've seen lately. Whether the infant is family, or the child of a friend or neighbour, it doesn't matter. Now imagine this infant writhing in pain in a literal lake of fire.

There is only one word that truly defines the feeling you just got here: REVOLTING. The mere thought of infants being cast into everlasting fire for original sin is revolting and abominable. This reaction is shared by people of different cultures and faiths, and that, without teaching or indoctrination. It is an innate sense we all have.

Could we not make the argument that this innate sense is there because God put it there? Is this not an example of "natural affection" which we read of in Romans 1? And then, would not God have this "natural affection" for infants?

Argument # 2:

We don't execute young people or mentally challenged individuals in the Free World. No matter how heinous the crime, civilized society does not impose capital punishment on souls that have under-developed understanding or reasoning, whether it is caused by immaturity or mental disability. Few are the people who would say that this isn't proper. Now I'm not talking about the 16-year-old who murders and gets off easy because the law defines an adult at 18 years of age. No, no. I'm referring to an actual child (below 10-12 year's of age).

Why would we not expect this kind of wisdom from our All Wise God?

Listen, what would executing a person who doesn't understand the consequences of his/her actions accomplish? In what way would this serve justice?

Consider the baby in Hell. Burning, in torment, and COMPLETELY CLUELESS! The infant will be suffering for no other reason than being born a son or daughter of Adam, and for eternity, he/she will have NO IDEA why life was so short, and the suffering is so long.

Hardly seems logical, hardly seems right.

So, there you have it. This four part series basically summarizes why I believe that all infants and mentally challenged individuals are covered by our Lord Jesus Christ's atonement, and therefore saved by the marvelous grace of our God. The Scriptures point in that direction, and good common sense also.

Why fight it?