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Monday, November 13, 2006
a bit of free advertising...

I just wanted to draw your attention, dear readers, to three blogs I have added to my links (near the bottom of my sidebar).

First, there is Modern Day Magi. I have long been impressed with this Australian blogger. His posts are usually pretty deep, and theologically sound. I would have linked him long ago, but we had a rough disagreement over how to best deal with false professors; we even disagreed with what constituted a false professor.

Despite this rough patch, the quality of MDM's posts just never failed. So, while we may disagree on matters of biblical separation, his puritan approach to the Scriptures and his ability to transmit rich Truth in relatively short posts makes him worthy of a link on my blog. Do check him out... you won't regret it.

Second, we have Everyday in Grace. Some of you will recognize this blogger's nickname (Ann_in_grace) from my comment box. This Swedish sister, as far as I can tell, is a John MacArthur/John Piper type Christian. She is relatively new at blogging, but she posts often enough.

I see in her an honest affection for the Lord, and she seems diligent at seeking Truth. So, click here and see what Ann_in_grace is up to.

Finally, we have Sharing Jesus. My wife was the one who, quite providentially, found this blog (I'll leave it to her to give the account). This dear brother, simply known as "a witness" is a Ray Comfort/Living Waters type Christian, which means that we would probably differ on a number of doctrinal matters. That being said, as the title of this blog implies, "a witness" uses his corner of cyberspace to give accounts of his evangelistic efforts, and as far as this the theme of evangelism is concerned, "a witness" and I are kindred spirits.

For his honesty and his zeal, I have linked Sharing Jesus to my blog. I can only hope that by reading his posts, some of you, dear readers, will be moved to go out and preach to Gospel to all of Creation.

That's it for now. Expect a few more changes to my blog over the next couple of weeks; nothing dramatic, just a little tweaking here and there.

See you all later!