Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, April 25, 2009
a whole lot of evangelism to a whole lot of people...

I made it out much earlier than normal, for our customary night of street preaching. So early that pastor Tim hadn't made it back from work yet. Not wanting to waste time, I made my way to the market with Bible tracts in one hand, and a large John 3:16 sign in the other.

Without a doubt, the crowds are back! With the warmer weather finally here, thousands of souls were in the various restaurant, bars and pubs of the marketplace. After a long winter season where I would preach to hundreds of souls every hour, it was quite overwhelming to preach to as many in just a quarter of that time. The Lord use the evangelistic seeds that were sown as He sees fit.

All and all, it was a good night of evangelism. The Lord provided me with safety and the ability to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. There was little persecution and hateful mockery, and to my surprise (shock... really...), I had several souls thank me for my work. One man in particular, named Brent walked up to me extended his hand and said:

"Let see that hand!"

He quickly took hold of my hand and continued:

"I'm glad your here, buddy. You alright? It's good what you're doing. I spoke to the other gentleman last week, and I'm mighty glad you're here."

With other encouraging words the man blessed me. I can't remember if he took a Bible tract or not, I didn't even get the chance to ask him if he was saved. Regardless, I asked the Lord to bless him abundantly for his kindness toward me.

Another young lady, Candace was her name, ran up to me as I was walking with my Bible sign, and said:

"I love your sign! I really do!"

Candace told me she was in the city for a short time, and that she was presently going to a United church. I cringed when she said that... the United Church is an absolute abomination! She said she attended a Baptist church when she was in her hometown, but how she can go from a Baptist church to a United church... well... I don't know. Anyway, she held the Scriptures in high regard, and compared to the reactions I usually get from the market crowds, I was encouraged. She took a Bible tract and told me she would try to drop by our church. I hope and pray that she'll do just that.

We didn't speak long enough to discuss anything personal, but it was clear that Candace was fighting some serious disease. Her head was shaved and I spotted some sort of tube attached near her collar bone. The Lord help her.

A short time after this meeting, two young men walked with me for awhile as I walked around downtown with my Bible sign. They professed to be believers and asked if they could pray with me. I agreed and they did just that. By the words they used in their prayer, I think the boys were probably charismatics, but again, we didn't talk that long. After their prayer, I prayed that the Lord would sanctify them and make them bold for His honour and glory. We parted after shaking hands.

After that conversation, I reached into my pocket to retrieve some more Bible tracts and the result was shocking. I had only three tracts left. Whenever I go preaching, I always grab a handful of tracts and I always have tons left over after our night of evangelism. Well, not this time!!! A few minutes later, I had given out my last three tracts.

"What a night!" I thought.

Moments later, I met up with pastor Tim and Josiah, a brother from our sending church, who was over to help pastor Tim with a job. I stayed with the brothers for another hour of evangelism but after that hour, I was done. I had been in the market for four hours. So I made my way back home, while pastor Tim and Josiah stayed in the market to labour a while longer. I hope the Lord was blessed them as He has blessed me tonight. (BTW... the picture above is a picture of brother Josiah, holding a Bible sign and handing out Bible tracts)

With that, I'll close the notes for tonight. There was some nonsense that took place, but nothing worth mentioning. As I said, all in all, the Lord really blessed me tonight... and again, the Lord use the work that was done as He sees fit.

How I hope that He will save sinners, and sanctify His saints through our work...

"...to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen." (Revelation 1:6b)