Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, May 09, 2009
a rather uneventful night...

This edition of the Friday Night Notes will most likely be fairly short; there is very little to report. Pastor Tim and I preached the Gospel for over three hours, distributed some Gospel literature and had a few one-on-one conversations with the lost, but nothing really noteworthy came of it. There was no serious aggressively to contend with, no great interest in the Gospel... it was all rather lukewarm.

There is a certain sadness in the apparent indifference of our audience to the Gospel message, but I am thankful for another week with no violence. Just yesterday, a man was murdered in the market (some sort of gang related fiasco), so at the end of our evangelistic effort, I thanked my God for His protection and asked that He would use my efforts as He sees fit. Who knows what the Lord was doing in the hearts of all those who heard us preach tonight. It was an uneventful night in my carnal eyes, but God can yet work great things.

Pastor Tim had a long conversation with a young couple about the Gospel... he was able to explain many things to them, but then a charismatic joined the conversation and everything went South, and that, pretty quickly. When this was going on, I was having a long conversation with a young man named Hamed. He had a mixed religious background. He had some Islam in him, but he also had some "Coptic church" in him. He asked me questions on everything from God's Law, to the miracles of Jesus, to the Deity of Jesus and the doctrine of the Second Birth. We must have talked for an hour! I'm not sure what Hamed will do with all this information, but he took some of my literature and I encouraged him to come by our church sometime.

When I first started talking with Hamed, a woman we often see in the market dropped by to say "hello". The woman is a serious Romanist, but interestingly enough, she is quite favourable to our preaching. Anyway, we talked for a few minutes, and it became clear that she views me as "her Christian brother". She even hugged me as she left me to speak to Hamed. I think I really need to cross the "t"s and dot the "i"s with this woman. I don't want to encourage, in any way, her view that she and I are brother and sister in the Lord. She needs to know that as long as she clings to Romanism, she is an enemy of God. The Lord help me deal with her in a manner becoming of a child of God.

As we closed our time of evangelism, pastor Tim and I walked to where we had set up one of our Bible signs, and we noticed a young lady trying to knock our sign over...

"Excuse me," I said.

The woman immediately ran off yelling hysterically.

"Wow Rand!" pastor Tim said, "you're quite the intimidating guy."

And that's it for tonight. I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Remember me in your prayers, dear saints of God. Have a safe weekend, and a blessed Lord's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!