Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, April 24, 2010
not much fun... being reviled...

A tough night of street preaching for us tonight. The couple in the above picture definitely played a big role in making things quite difficult for me. Even after 10 years, seems like my skin isn't quite thick enough...

Our evangelistic effort didn't start off too badly. I spoke to a man named John, and that conversation went really well. It's not every day you can tell a Romanist that he is completely wrong in spiritual matters, and he actually takes it! I encouraged John to read the Scriptures, put away the Romanist dogma, and just follow what the Book says. He didn't disagree with anything I said. I hope the Lord has or will start a good work in him.

I had a few short conversations with fellow believers (some were evangelizing, others were just walking by), which is always nice. One young fellow even asked me if I was "reformed theology", and when I answered "yes", he gave me a high five and said "right on!" I also got a few words of encouragement from people who walked by me as I preached and handed out Gospel tracts.

For the most part, however, tonight was a night of grievous mockery and blasphemy; and when I say grievous, I mean GRIEVOUS. Some of the base and disgusting things people said to us tonight, well, I don't care to dwell on it too much, much less write in this post the full details. Trust me, it was bad. Both young and old hurled all manner of wicked speech toward us tonight, most with a generous amount of obscenities, for good measure (or should it rather be 'evil measure?'). The couple in the above picture stood there for a good 15 minutes, laughing at my every word and not sparing any opportunity to mock me with the most filthy words. When they walked away, I thanked the Lord for his tender mercies.

A drunkard also came by and disrupted our preaching efforts. Pastor Tim finally had enough, and started preaching against drunkenness. Offended, the man warned Pastor Tim that he would, get this now, report him to 'his pastor' (clearly the man had now idea that Tim IS a pastor) and that he would see to it that Pastor Tim's pastor reprimand him for his harsh words towards drunkenness. We both tried real hard not to laugh.

Shortly before putting an end to our night of preaching, a young lady took one of my Gospel tracts and again, get this now, acted like she was defecating on the tract. Her friend thought it was pretty funny. I was... well... not as impressed. Another gentleman, standing a few feet away saw the whole thing happen and asked me, with disgust:

"Why would anyone do that?"

"Because they hate God," I replied.

I could tell that my answer didn't satisfy the man. I think he was mostly insulted that anyone would do such a thing to a man who was obviously harmless (aka, me). I told the man not to pay any mind to the nonsense, that I had seen worse, and that I would no doubt, see worse in the future. Sad, but true.

On that downer note (it wasn't a good night), I'm off to bed. Good night, dear readers. Have a great and safe weekend in the Lord.

Dear saints, remember me in your prayers, I will be preaching the evening service this Lord's Day. God bless you all!