Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Friday Night Notes

Saturday, May 01, 2010
a shortened endeavour...

I was late for our Friday night of evangelism, so we were only able to preach the Gospel of Jesus for just a little over two hours. I'm working a whole lot of overtime in the lab, preparing a report I will be presenting in a couple of weeks at a scientific conference. Any reader from Salt Lake City, Utah? That's where the conference is being held this year.

Anyway, Pastor Tim and I wasted no time when we got to the marketplace and started preaching and handed out Bible tracts. The market was very busy tonight; no doubt the warmer weather is attracting people to come downtown. It's good in that, it's all the more souls Pastor Tim and I can share the Gospel with. It's bad in that all these people are basically in the market chasing after all manner of sin.

It can be pretty intimidating facing increasing numbers of people who, for the most part, hate both me and my God. The mockery is pretty steady, and in the back of my mind, I always wonder when someone will show up who will want to beyond just mockery. I see it as a matter of statistics. More people, more chances of a meeting with someone who is truly dangerous. I suppose this is a lack of faith, and/or a carnal fear of man. The Lord help me to be strong and of good courage.

I met an old friend tonight, a man named Janos. I first met Janos on the street a couple of years ago, during one of our street preaching endeavours. The man isn't saved, actually, he is a Romanist, but he's always seen the merit and importance of what Pastor Tim and I do. He doesn't have saving faith, but there is a measure of the fear of the Lord in him. Anyway, I had a short conversation with Janos and gave him a little booklet on the errors of Romanism, and encouraged him to leave the wicked market! The Lord help him see the heresy of Roman Catholicism, and save his soul.

Pastor Tim had two long one-on-one conversations. The first was most unprofitable (I walked in on the last part of the conversation). Two young ladies who actually believed they were righteous individuals, and that, without God. One of them claimed to have, by faith in herself, experienced a type of "second birth". Both ladies were wearing skirts that barely covered their rear ends. 'Nuff said.

The other conversation, by the sound of it, was most profitable. A man named Daniel spoke to Pastor Tim, confessing that he was a truly confused youth leader at a non-denominational church. You see, Daniel was going about a wishy-washy version of Christianity, and then he got exposed to Paul Washer's preaching on the Internet. Brother Paul blew his head off! (lol)

"Well, Paul Washer and I would be in much agreement in both doctrine and practice," Pastor Tim said.

"Can we meet sometime next week?" Daniel asked. "I'd really like to talk with you about doctrine."

I think both men are planning to have coffee together next Tuesday. Remember this day and meeting in your prayers, dear saints.

As for me, I only had one meaningful one-on-one conversation with two young men, who ultimately didn't have any time for the Gospel. They came to me with all sorts of ludicrous claims like "the Romans wrote the Bible", and tried hard to convince me of "facts" they obviously had made up themselves. They cursed and blasphemed as they walked away.

The Lord have mercy.