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Saturday Night Notes

Saturday, November 02, 2013
cold weather is back...

Things were just too busy last night, so I went out for a few hours of street preaching tonight instead.  It was cold.  Real cold.  Next week, I'm wearing my winter gear.  For sure.

Saturday nights in the market are much quieter than Fridays if tonight is any indication.  I noticed that the big shopping mall at the edge of the market was closed when I started my evangelism effort; it's open 'till 9pm on Friday.  I suppose it closed at 6pm or 7pm.  With all those shops and restaurants closed for the day, it's little wonder things were quiet downtown.

I handed out a few tracts and only had two short one-on-one conversations with unbelievers.  Not terribly surprising considering the few souls I ministered to, and the frigid weather that had everyone shivering.  The souls I did minister the Gospel to, for the most part, was pretty vile and hostile to the Word of Life.  It's so sad to watch ruined people spurning the only way to make their lives right.  It's even sadder to see how most of the people don't even realize that it is their own sin that is ruining them.

The one ray of light tonight came when a cab driver, a middle-eastern man, stopped in front of where I was preaching the Gospel, rolled down his window, gave me a "thumbs up" and said he admired and approved of what I was doing.  He called me "his brother", and he may very well have been.  The Lord bless him.

Nothing much else to report for tonight, so I'm going to turn in now.

God bless you all, dear readers...