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Hey! Long time no blog!

Thursday, November 11, 2004
bad week...but things are looking up...

I apologize for not blogging in awhile. It wasn't intentional. Lot of things happened in a very short period of time, and there just wasn't any windows for me to get on the PC and type.

On the work front:

Things are INSANE! I have a mountain of work to do; and it is all PRIORITY 1!!! When I get 2 things done, another 4 are added to the pile. The bright side is that, with the Lord's help, I managed to fix a key instrument in the lab; hopefully, it will be an asset in the analysis of the numerous samples I have to run.

On the family front:

Problems with my wife's pregnancy. Nothing too serious, but a bit of a concern. The baby and Mommy are fine, but there may be complications for the birth. So we're working things out to keep Mommy off her feet (which requires some effort when there are already to toddlers in the nest).

On the house front:

We bought a house! We're moving out of our 2 bedroom house and into a 3 bedroom house. And the best thing: it's just 4 houses down from where we currently live! I'll have to put some work into the flooring of the new house, and a few other jobs. Hopefully, I'll manage to get some helpers and get the work done before the whole family moves in (we'll have both houses for 30-45 days)

There! We're all caught up!