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Cows, horses, and an F-18!

Monday, June 27, 2005
nice quiet time in the country...

We just got home from our trip to my in-laws. We had a good time. The kids had a blast playing with their Grandpa and Nana in their big yard.

By far the highlight of my weekend came on Saturday afternoon. My in-laws live on a small farm way out in the country nothing much ever happens. So imagine my surprise when, as I sat miserably in the summer heat, a loud thundering sound came from the sky. It was too long and constant for it to be thunder, so I immediately concluded that it was somekind of jet-airplane. The sound became loud real fast, then, quickly started fading. It stood up and surveyed the sky but I didn't even get the chance to look around for the source of the noise, it was quite gone; so I just shrugged and sat back down.

Then the noise came back, and came back in a big way, so I jumped up off my chair, ran to the middle of my in-laws' front yard and stared right up. And there it was flying low right over the house: a CF-18 jetfighter. The pilot must have been practicing maneuvers for Canada Day celebrations (we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st), because he was giving us quite a show! The fighter flipped on it's axis a few times, then performed a loop right over the house, and all of this at an insane speed (I thought the sound barrier had been broken... the noise was LOUD).

After a 5 minute show, the fighter disappeared into the horizon and both I and my eldest son looked at each other with a smile on our faces, undoubtedly thinking the same thing: "that was soooooo cool!"

Amazing isn't it, we humans have actually created a large machine that can fly faster and with more agility than birds that are born with wings. Sad to think though, that these machines exist to kill and destroy.

Take care,