Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 1:13)

Wow! Look at that!

Monday, August 15, 2005
just noticed...

While checking out my blog this morning, I've noticed something kind of cool. Today marks exactly ONE YEAR OF BLOGGING! Yep, I've been at it since August 15th 2004. Though I switched the name of my blog from "A Pattern of Sound Words" to "A Form of Sound Words", I still consider this my blog's 1 year anniversary since all of the content from "Pattern" is now on "Form".

It's funny, thinking back on how this blog came to be... I was basically caving in to the coaxing of an on-line friend of mine. I didn't think I'd like blogging, but I decided to try it anyway. I think it is now safe to say that I liked/like it... LOL. Another reason why I would use the word "funny" to describe the beginnings of this blog is that the friend who pushed me into blogging, no longer had any interest in being my friend AFTER I started blogging. The friendship went into meltdown when I refused to link her site because it contained profanity. I guess the answer to Amos 3:3 is obviously: "no".

Many others also have come and gone... most of my "regular readers" in 2004 slowly disappeared, probably due to some post/doctrine they couldn't stomach, but a few stuck around. Scott McClare, Michael Gallaugher and Aimz are probably my most "senior readers"... thanks for sticking around guys!

The good news is many others have come in their place, and my statcounter clearly shows a significant gain in traffic over the last few months. I thank you all, dear readers for your continued interest and your participation in this blog through comments.

I truly hope to glorify God through this site, to be a blessing to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and to be a soul-winner to all you who visit this blog as strangers to the grace of our Lord.

Take care, dear friends, and God bless you,


Noteworthy events in the last year of blogging:

-my post on definite atonement. (it was my first post that really caused a spike in my blog-traffic)
-the Lord bringing brother Laz into the fold.
-the birth of our third child.
-my post on C.S. Lewis. (whoa! the hate mail I have received, and continue to receive for that one!)
-my first post on Romanism. (another post that has made me scores of enemies, but at the same time, has brought in several friends)
-my series on having a heart for the unsaved. (the series I am most proud of, despite the low interest it has recieved)
-my post on the King James version of the Bible. (which was the third post on "A Form of Sound Words", but really, the subject matter is the very reason I changed my blog's name)
-my post which contained pictures of one of our Friday Night Street Evangelism. (your first visual glimpse of what we do, and how we do it)
-my posts on common objections to Calvinism. (a very popular series)
-my post on Doug's question on Romanism. (generated some "heated" exchanges)
-my wife's first "Friday Night Notes". (I absolutely loved this post)
-my first online audio sermon. (don't mock my "eh!")
-my on-going series of posts on Romanism. (again, lots of attention on these posts)