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Couple of Goodies

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
check these posts out...

I have found a couple of blog posts that I find are quite worth the read... so much so that I'm going to give out some free advertising:

The first is a post on what a Christian should do when Christmas comes around. This post was put together by my sister-in-the-Lord, Pearl, on her blog "Of Great Price", and it was written in response to my post called "The Aggravation Called Christmas." It doesn't solve all of my particular problems with Christmas, but there are some pretty good pointers I plan to explore. Have a read, it's quite good.

The second post is by my brother-in-the-Lord Pete, at My All For One, and it is a detailed account of the many false prophecies and teachings of my favorite heretic: Benny Hinn. Hinn is an exceeding wicked man who preys on the weak and ill, promising them blessing and healing for "a nominal fee" of course. Pete holds nothing back in exposing this con-artist. A very good and well researched post.