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Open Letter to David W. Cloud

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
for what it's worth...

My dear brother-in-the-Lord, John van Eyk, sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago now, requesting I post this "open letter" to David W. Cloud, an American baptist fundamentalist and missionary whom we both respect, despite his hatred for the doctrines of grace. The subject matter of the "open letter" is, unsurprisingly, the doctrines of grace (or the soteriological system called Calvinism). More precisely, it is an answer to an article that has appeared on brother David's website entitled "Calvinism on the March Among Evangelicals". Brother John's letter contains good advice, and I thought brother David would profit from it, as well as all those who, like him, are fighting against God by resisting the grand Truth of God's sovereignty in the salvation of His elect.

About John van Eyk: I met brother John at Bethel Baptist church in London, Ontario a few years ago now. From the very first sermon I have had the pleasure of hearing him preach, I loved him. John may not be the most dynamic/funny/expressive/entertaining preacher you've ever heard, but the man preaches substance! You can hear some of John's preaching right here, simply click on these links:

Did Jesus Really Exist? (.mp3)

God's Glory - 1 Peter 5:10 (.mp3)

Holy Living (.mp3)

Pictures of Wesley (.mp3)

The Great Commission - Luke 24:44-49 (.mp3)

The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom (.mp3)

They Really Don't Know Him (.mp3)

So, without any further delay:

Brother John van Eyk's Open Letter to David W. Cloud


Disclaimer: this isn't my letter, it is brother John's. I will not answer for him, so if you have any questions about this open letter, please e-mail brother John at the e-mail address which he supplied. Any other comments/impressions are welcome in the comment box.