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Friday Night Notes

Saturday, November 08, 2008
long night with a tough crowd...

Here's a short video I got with my digital camera. Quality is pretty poor due to bad lighting and a bit of rain... still though, it gives you an idea of what street preaching with an uncompromising pastor is like!

Street preaching was no picnic tonight. The mockery, the cursing and the blasphemy uttered by the lost in the marketplace was really grievous. It is a twisted thing, the minds of sinners. I can very well endure insults about my person, but tonight, most of the insults were directed at the Lord. After hearing some of the things that the wicked had to say, it stand in total awe at God's grace and longsuffering to this ungodly world.

Pastor Tim still managed to give out of good number of Bible tracts (I, on the other hand, handed out very few), and we preached the Gospel for well over 3 hours. The Lord use our labour as He sees fit.

Further on the plus side, I had a number of people compliment me on my Bible sign. I remember a young man saying: "You keep doing what you're doing!" I also remember a couple of ladies reading the Scriptures on my sign and commenting: "That's true! It's good that you are here to tell the world about this." Most of these positive moments occurred early in our evangelistic effort. As the night wore on, things got dementedly evil.

In the midst of the sea of blasphemies that were uttered tonight, a man walked up to me and claimed that my preaching was all wrong; he told me that he had been to seminary and that he knew what the Bible taught. He said: "Jeremiah 31 says that God will write his law in people's hearts and will forgive their sins, because God accepts everyone." I pointed out to the man that the prophecy he was referencing was written to Israel, God's chosen people, and not written to "everyone"; to that the man replied that the New Testament applied it to everyone. When I asked for a reference... guess what? He didn't have one. Seminary did wonders for him, didn't it?

A short time later, a young man walked up to me and began blaspheming against God in a truly grotesque way. The lad was so vile that even his friend had trouble standing it; the conversation between the two men was somewhat amusing:

"God is $#@&!" said the vile one. "And this freak here standing on a street corner is a zealot!"

"So, what's wrong with that?" his friend finally pipped up.

"Come on, look at what he's doing... he's wasting his time doing this stupid @#$%!" the wicked soul continued.

"Right, and what exactly are you doing with your life that makes you any better?" his friend inquired.

Seeing that he wasn't getting anywhere with me or his friend, the vile blasphemer walked away, much to my relief. The Lord have mercy on both men, as well as their girlfriends which were also especially wicked.

Pastor Tim spent the final half-hour of our night of evangelism speaking with a threesome of "moderate Muslims" who wanted pastor Tim to focus on the things that Christianity and Islam have in common. Oh my... I don't think those men were at all prepared for what pastor Tim had to say about that! Their conversation was civil and respectful, but there was no compromise from the old pastor. No doubt these "ecumenical Muslims" left us somewhat discouraged at our utter refusal to find any "common ground" with their wicked and false religion. They'll just have to be satisfied with finding "common ground" with the Great Whore called Romanism.

On that note, I close this edition of the Friday Night Notes.

Dear readers, God bless you.