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My Twinklemoose

Saturday, November 13, 2004
pretty hard working woman...

Well, no preaching tonight I'm afraid. I drove the kids and my wife to my parents house (about an hour's drive) and then back again so I can clean the house and prepare meals for the upcoming week. I'm having to play both the role of daddy and mommy for awhile since my wife has developed a problem in the last stretch of her pregnancy (I don't want to go into medical details; it isn't too serious, but she has to stay off her feet for a couple of weeks).

This double duty is really demonstrating just how much I depend on my tender-half to keep the house in relative order and to keep the kids fed, cleaned and rested. I mean, it's not like I'm a slacker who dumps everything on his wife; I put a lot of time and energy at my job to secure a good and steady paycheck. But I'm getting quite an education in just how much time and energy my wife puts into our home.

I would like to publicly acknowledge my sweet wife for all her hard work and would like to ask you all for prayers; that the remaining 1 1/2 months of her pregancy would go well. I would also like to thank my pastor and his wife for kindly babysitting the kids during the work week, allowing my wife to rest. Oh! and my parents who have taken in my family tonight, so I can clean and cook tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now, I'm should get some rest so I can be in top shape tomorrow.

Beth, Joe and Twinklemoose, I'll be posting the week's Bible readings some time tomorrow or Sunday. The first reading will be on the Monday (if anyone is interested in reading the "Bible in a year" with us, you're welcome to join in).

God bless,