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Jon Stewart, Terrorism and Homosexuality

Monday, April 18, 2005
if Jon can make the connection, it's time for everyone to catch up...

A few nights ago, I was keeping an eye on the television late night news while working on my PC. Right after the news, Jon Stewart's Daily Show started. I don't make it a habit of watching left-wing, comedic trash, but, being too lazy to leave the computer to turn the "idiot box" off, I indulged. And you know what? He actually made a fairly honest and accurate point! (I know, I'm impressed too!)

The point: Mr. Stewart rhetorically asked the audience how America could re-shape it's image in the Middle East. He then showed a video clip of how the average Muslim in the Middle East would view America today: images of half-naked women dancing sensually, drunkard revelings, ungodly television shows, and homosexuality were put to a dark, threatening soundtrack. He then asked how they could make America seem more like this clip: the exact same images stream through except this time, it's set to Lee Greenwood's "God bless the USA".

Now you may be thinking: "well that's stupid", but actually, there is some wisdom here. You see, Jon Stewart, despite his MANY shortcomings, has been able to make a connection that most people in the West refuse to make: the connection between our ungodliness and our problems in the Middle East.

Terrorists call the US and it's allies "the great Satan", and when you look at the ungodliness that we produce in any given week, I can't blame them. Am I excusing their murderous hate? No. But what I am saying is this: the wicked in our land are feeding our enemies' hatred of us, and that, by their own lifestyles. They see us as a bunch of immoral animals, and when I glance at what is on MTV, I can see their point.

You see, immorality, like any other sin has consequences, and these consequences are usually quite difficult, if not impossible to contain. There are many out there who make the argument: "well I believe immorality is something that is part of a group of individuals' PRIVATE lives, so it isn't anyone else's business, let them do what they want". The problem is, their activities most certainly doesn't stay private. It was only 30-35 years ago, that homosexuality was decriminilized in my country (can you believe it, my country actually had a standard of righteousness not too long ago), and now we have everything from "pride parade" to "gay marriage" legislation, and that for all the religious world to see!

Am I saying that Islamic terrorists hate us only because of our wickedness? No. I'm aware that there are plenty of illegimate reasons for their hatred of us; whether it be the Christian faith (what is left of it in the West), whether it be our support of Israel, or whether it be our democratic political system. But you see it's the legitimate gripes that take away our "moral" platform. Instead of "having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of us, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse our good conversation" (1 Peter 3:16), we are guilty of gross sin...and that, NATIONALLY!

And it doesn't end there. This is where a whole lot more trouble will come our way. You see, the ungodly amongst us are not pleased with just living wickedly in our lands (remember, as stated above, the consequences of sin are many, and uncontainable). No, no. They must show off their evil to one and all; taking pride in their evil, and calling it good before all (Romans 1:32). There is no greater proof of that than this (and you really have NO IDEA how much I hate posting that detestable link on my blog).

Yep, the Sodomites plan to have their festivities in the streets of Jerusalem this year. The location isn't by chance I can assure you of that. Jerusalem, today, is the crossroads of the three biggest religions in the world, all of them condemning homosexuality for the gross immorality that it is. This is nothing short of mockery and disrespect, and there will be a price to be paid for it.

Oh, I don't think that the "love your neighbour as yourself" group will cause much trouble, they have been manhandled by the Sodomites for some time now in the Free World; this is no surprise to them. I also doubt that the "Sabbath" folks will raise much ruckus, since, they have enough problems with their "other" enemies which physically surrounds them and who would like nothing better than to push poor old Israel into the sea. But the "moon-god" people...oh...there we have a problem.

The Islamic world will most likely, this summer, see "Judeo-Christian nations" pridefully display terrible immorality, and that very close to their backyards. And sadly, when Ahmed/Mohammed/Abdul straps his TNT on his chest to eliminate the people of "the great Satan", I really doubt that he'll be very selective of which Jew or Westerner he blows to bits.

Again, how true the Bible is:

"Woe unto them (North America, Free Europe, and yes, Israel) that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)