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Echoes From Yesterday's Work

Monday, August 28, 2006
who's baleful-looking???

Yesterday, at the "gay pride parade", I had two concerns. My first was getting a good beating. My second was not being visible enough to those who were in the parade, as well as those who watched the abomination unfold. Well, there is no doubt... yesterday, we were seen... and everyone knew what our message was.

This is from the local CBC news service:

"One participant was standing just two metres from a man holding a large sign with a biblical quotation denouncing homosexuality, but he wasn't going to let anything rain on his parade."

The man with the large sign was my pastor, and while his sign did denounce homosexuality, it also denounced fornication, idolatry, adultery, larceny, covetousness, drunkenness, revilement and extortion. But hey! it's the CBC! If you want the Truth, they won't cover it.

This is from one of the local newspapers:

"The parade featured dozens of modest -- in at least one sense of the word -- floats, hundreds of marchers, and an infectious good humour that brightened the grey skies and ignored a dire biblical warning about the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah held aloft by a baleful-looking man on the curb."

Baleful-looking? WHAT? Anyone who has met me, feel free to laugh hysterically here.

Yeah... my big 5-feet-something, 100-pound-nothing... real threatening material here! LOL!


Ps: Special thanks to brother Pascal who found these mentions... Wow! Look Mom, I'm famous! Baleful-looking, but still famous. LOL!