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Friday Night Notes... Sort Of...

Friday, February 17, 2006

So it's -27 degrees Celcius up here in the wind... that's -17 Fahrenheit. That's cold, even for Canada.

So, knowing very little ever stops my pastor, I started preparing for our night of street preaching. Three pairs of pants, four sweaters, two pairs of socks, two winter jackets, gloves, mittens, a scarf, a toque and yes, my super winter boots. Even with all these, there is no doubt that I would still come back home frozen, but my hope was that I wouldn't be "terribly" frozen.

Well, just as I was starting to gear up, the phone rang. It was my pastor informing me that he was going to play "groundhog" tonight... as in, laying low in a warm house rather than going up against the bitter cold. I believe my exact response was: "Oh! okay." But what I really wanted to say was: "Pheee-eww!!!"

Don't get me wrong, I was actually looking forward to getting back to our customary night of preaching this week, but not in this insane cold.

So that's the notes, until next week then...