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I Think Chiropractors Are Quacks

Monday, February 13, 2006
but that's just me...

A few days ago, my daughter suffered yet another nasty asthma attack. These attacks are quite severe and quite distressing on my daughter, as well as on her mother and I.

Out of genuine concern, our pastor suggested we visit a chiropractor. "A chiropractor?" I thought, "aren't they the guys who snap bones and muscles back into their place? What good are they with asthma?" Well, apparently, chiropractors CAN help asthma patients. So my wife took my daughter to the Chiropractor today. He said that with a few visits over the next few weeks, it is likely that something can be done for her.

The problem though, is that I just can't seem to make myself believe in this chiropractic care. My wife became a believer a few months ago after visiting a chiropractor for the first time over a sore hip. It would seem the guy fixed her up well enough, but to go from there to curing, or at the very least alleviating asthma... well... I just don't buy it.

And it isn't just with this asthma thing that I am suspicious. Ever notice that no one ever goes to the chiropractor just once a year? No, no. Once a person goes to the chiropractor, they are there, in some cases, several times a year, if not several times a month. All the while, the problem never really "gets fixed". Exactly like people who go to a psychiatrist, they all claim it's doing wonders for them, but they never actually "get better".

I don't know...

Call me a "chiropractic Thomas".